Protection concept COVID 19

The Element Chalets Zermatt

We, as owners of the chalets, Aqua, Terra, Flamma present to you our basic Government rules concerning the covid 19.

  • All employees wash their hands regularly
  • All empoyees and other persons shall keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • If this distance can not maintained a mask must be worn
  • Unfortunaltely we cannot greet in the traditional manner with a handshake
  • All rooms are adequately ventilated after the departure of guests
  • All surfaces and household objects are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after the departure of guests
  • All door handles, light switches, window handles and keys are desinfected.
  • The laundry will be washed at the highest temperature possible
  • Kitchen appliances, cooking utensils and all condiments are cleaned and disinfected
  • Guest folders, brochures and business cards are changed after each departure.
  • Employees in the company who have symptoms of illnes will stay at home and follow the instruction for self isolation according to th FOPH
  • Guests with symptoms of illness are asked to isolate themselves in accordance with the rules of the FOPH.
  • Disinfectants will be made available to all guests.

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