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Privacy policy

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Your personal life belongs to you and should not be exposed to the general public. By using this online booking service, you trust the property where you're reserving accommodation as well as the technology provider who has developed these pages and that is important to us. In order to maintain your trust, everything has been implemented to protect and secure all the personal data you share by using this service.

Please allow us to clearly and transparently explain how your personal data are used and processed when making a hotel reservation.

Who is the data controller responsible for your personal data?

The property where you're reserving accommodation is the sole data controller responsible for your data.

Information on Hotel-Spider/Spider-Booking

Hotel-Spider and Spider-Booking are software solutions designed and developed by Tourisoft Sàrl, a company with a registered address of Route de Champ-Colin 18, CH-1260 Nyon, Switzerland. Tourisoft operates as a processor for the hotel/holiday property in order to allow the latter to secure reservations through its website.

Why are your personal data collected?

To make a reservation; it is not possible to make a hotel/holiday property reservation without collecting your basic personal data.

Your personal data are used throughout the hotel/holiday property reservation lifecycle for the following purposes:

  1. To book your accommodation. If you are looking at this website, it's because you wish to book a stay at this hotel/holiday property. It is common for a hotel/holiday property guest to provide their personal information during the booking process.
  2. Legal obligations: depending on the laws applicable to the hotel/holiday property, the latter may need to provide certain personal data to the authorities.
  3. To communicate with you.

a. Before your stay

  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email requesting that you complete your profile.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email offering to upgrade your upcoming stay by adding a few options.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email offering to extend your stay.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email with information concerning your arrival.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email concerning a change in the type of room booked.

b. During your stay

  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email offering to upgrade your current stay.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email offering to extend your current stay.

c. After your stay

  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email thanking you.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email with a satisfaction survey concerning your most recent stay.
  • Depending on the property, you may receive an email asking for your opinion on your stay in social media accounts.

4. Marketing activities. 

Each property where you have stayed would love to see you again. In an effort to remind you of the property you are currently booking, it may send you an email recalling all the good times you had there.

Which personal data must you provide?

The following personal data are collected during the booking process: gender, given name, surname, email address, telephone number and the language in which you wish to communicate. Depending on the property, your credit card information may also be requested to guarantee your booking.

In a second phase, the following personal data may be collected to complete your profile in order to facilitate the check-in procedures: street name, house number, postal code, town, region/province/county/district, country and telephone number. Depending on the legal obligations, these data may be automatically collected.

Automatically collected personal data

By using this online booking solution, information concerning the operating system used on your computer/mobile phone, your browser and your IP address are registered so we may analyse how our solutions are used in order to constantly improve them. This will possibly make the procedure even easier the next time you book the same property. Rest assured, these data are not used to identify you but rather to determine whether the mobile version is generally more readily used than the desktop version or if users prefer MACs or PCs.

How are your personal data protected?

The personal data you have entered through this solution are processed and saved in Switzerland. The servers are physically located in Switzerland in a datacentre offering all the usual guarantees including everything from strict access control to video surveillance. On an IT level, various mechanisms (firewalls, intrusion detection, anti-viruses, etc.) are implemented to prevent the loss/alteration/theft of your data. At Tourisoft Sàrl, only a select group of employees may intervene on the servers containing your personal data. Finally, all incoming and outgoing communications for our solutions are encrypted with the latest versions of SSL/TLS protocol.

If the property would like to export the data to other systems it uses internally, it will be the sole party liable for the protection of personal data on other systems.

With whom are the personal data shared?

Many different information systems are used at hotels/holiday properties, namely a booking platform, a room planning management system, possibly a system to manage digital keys or smart TVs, customized heating and/or lighting systems, mini-bars, etc.

In order to reduce the manual entry of booking data in each of these systems, a property may choose to automatically synchronize all of its systems, and, therefore, your personal data will be transferred. As the data controller, the property undertakes to ensure each of these service providers protect your data pursuant to the laws in effect.

External links and social network plugins

This privacy policy does not apply to external websites it links to. As a result, please read the privacy policy published on any other site in order to understand how they collect and process your personal data.

Social networks are used in different ways, either to make your online reservation more accessible or to promote the products and services offered by this property:

Logging in via your social media account. You may book accommodation by logging in through a social network. This allows you to avoid having to remember IDs and passwords for different online services.

Social media plugins. Depending on the property, social media plugins may be visible during the booking process. When you click on one of these buttons (i.e. the Facebook button), information is shared with the social network concerned. If you are logged into the social network at the same time, your information may be transferred to your account by the social network. And it may also post the information on your profile and share it with other members of your network.

How are minors' personal data handled?

This online booking solution is not aimed at minors under the age of 16. The use of any service by a minor under the age of 16 is not authorised without consent from their legal guardian or a parent. If the property realises it is processing information on a minor under the age of 16 without valid consent from a parent or guardian, it reserves the right to erase it.

Controlling the accuracy of personal data shared

We ask that you please contact the property directly if you believe the personal data they have is incorrect or if you believe it no longer has the right to use them or you have questions concerning the Privacy Policy or the use of your information.

How long are your personal data saved?

The data are saved for the period of time the hotel/holiday property believes is necessary to fulfil the accommodation contract. This period may vary depending on the regulations in effect applicable to the location of the property.

Information on tracking technologies

When you use online booking services, cookies and other tracking technologies are used in different ways. They allow this solution to operate and analyse traffic.

Different cookies are used for different reasons. They fall under two categories.

Functional cookies. They help identify you as a unique user when browsing several pages of this solution. The first two cookies are used for this purpose; namely, to save a unique session identifier for your reservation and transfer your search criteria from one page to another. If you choose to reject these cookies, you may not use this solution. But since you wish to book this wonderful property, that would be unfortunate, wouldn't it?

Tracking cookies. Although they may seem unnecessary, tracking cookies are actually quite useful in analysing how this solution is used, from which countries, using which browsers, on which operating system, etc. It is for this purpose we use Google Analytics, which asks you to accept the installation of tracking cookies to properly operate. You have the right to reject them without such decision affecting your booking. However, you would then be depriving us of valuable information on the use of this solution.

If you'd like to know more about the use of cookies and how you may manage or erase them, go to the website and read the help section corresponding to your browser. The settings for browsers like Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Firefox and Chrome allow you to choose which cookies you accept and which you reject. The place where these settings may be found depends on the browser used. If you do not know where they are, please use the "Help" function.

* In the event of any doubts, the French version of this document has priority over any translations to other languages.

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